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Related event

OJAD Workshop on L2 Japanese Education with Technology, 18 August 2017

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

This half-day workshop will be suitable for those who want to advance their knowledge and teaching skill in L2 Japanese education with focus on speech. The first session is also suitable to those who are interested in second language speech education in general.

LTLT 2017: Language Teaching, Learning and Technology, 27–29 August 2017

The 3rd Workshop on Language Teaching, Learning and Technology is going to take place in Helsinki after SLaTE at Aalto University.

The workshop offers the possibility to present works as talks in the classic manner (Track 1), but also to directly work on open problems with other experts (Track 2). For the latter, the workshop will have long slots for which the participating technical and educational teams are matched up. In these slots, the teams will sit down together at the computer, discuss, and engineer solutions to their research problems on LTLT topics.

All photos from and by Djuronaset.